We manage landlord and tenant interests in leasehold agreements in property contracts.  We act independently or jointly for the landlord and/or tenant.  We will carry out inspections of commercial properties to prepare an interim or terminal claim for the landlord, or act on behalf of the tenant when they are served with an interim or terminal claim.  This can involve the negotiation of a financial settlement for the landlord or the tenant, or agreement of the scope of works that the tenant has to carry out.  We can monitor the works on behalf of the landlord to ensure all works are carried out to a satisfactory standard.  We will carry out a full assessment of the dilapidation liability for a landlord or tenant.
Our team also provides advice to landlord and tenants on rent renewals or lease renewals.  We undertake valuations of all types of commercial property for various purposes including for sale acquisition, secured lending and tax planning.  We provide a service for letting and managing commercial property.