Building Efficiency

Lambert & Foster’s Building Efficiency consultancy deals entirely with the ever increasing compliance side of building regulations, green energy and building efficiency. Our services include:

New Properties

New properties are required to have SAP, EPC, Air testing, amongst other assessments to comply with increasing standards required for Building Control Compliance.

Existing Properties

When extended or renovated you are required to meet current legislation. SAP calculations may be required, similar to EPC’s being produced for creating additional dwellings.

Air Testing

Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the envelope fabric of a building.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

The SAP calculation measures the CO2 emissions and energy efficiency of a residential unit.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC is a certificate which provides data to show the energy rating of a building. This is produced by using the SAP Methodology, by an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor.

Water Efficiency Calculations

Building reg G2 stipulates that a reasonable provision must be adopted when the installation of fittings and fixed appliances must now provide water efficient methods to prevent over- consumption of water.


U-values are calculations provided to show the overall thermal performance of built-up elements for both new and existing details such as walls and roofs.