Insurance Re-Instatement Valuations

The Building Surveying team at Lambert & Foster provide an insurance reinstatement service where a building has been damaged following an insured event such as fire, flood or water damage, storm damage or impact damage.

We can undertake an inspection of a property and carry out a full assessment for the insurance re-instatement valuation. We make sure the complicated process of building restoration is carried out as efficiently and cost effectively as possible using BCIS Cost Information to calculate the re-build cost. This takes into account the level of specification of the property, the method of construction, and geographical area in which it is located. 

We are able to undertake reinstatement valuations of historic and listed buildings and work hard to keep all parties informed and on target with the build as we understand the trauma involved following building damage of this kind. Our planning and drawing teams can also assist with any modification that are required or desired as part of the reinstatement works.