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Forthcoming Sales 2019

We have pleasure in announcing our Auction Calendar for our programme of sales for 2019

You will notice that there are some minor changes to the calendar and we are concentrating our efforts on two Paddock Wood Sales - one in the Spring and one in the Autumn and there is a slightly later date fixed for the Annual Bygones Sale at St Michaels. As well as these sales we also hope in due to course to let you know of some specialist on-farm dispersals which we hope to arrange during the course of the year.

We would also like to make you aware of some changes which will help with the smooth running of our sales for 2019. For our Paddock Wood and Bygone Sales, the following additional terms will apply:

  1. Everyone registering to bid will be required to show photographic ID or we will not be able to issue a Bidders Registration Number.
  2. The limit for payment for items in cash will now be £100 per purchaser for each sale. We are pleased to accept payment by Personal Debit Card with no fee and Personal Credit Card payment up to a maximum of £500 per purchase (no fee). If you wish to pay by Business Debit/Credit Card a 2.5% fee will apply.
  3. We will be tightening security at all of our sales and we would remind everyone attending the sale that we will reserve the right to search all vehicles upon leaving the salefield.
  4. The minimum bid for any lot will now be £5 and Auctioneers will be instructed not to accept bids of less. Please be sensible when entering items for the sale that they have a value of at least this amount
  5. All entries of stimmers, chainsaws and more valuable smaller items such as generators will be included in their own section secured within the building at the Paddock Wood Salefield. We therefore require everyone entering these items to specifically highlight the more valuable items so that they can be properly catalogued and allocated a space within the building on the day. We would ask for your co-operation on this item as we are getting increasing numbers of entries listed as Sundries which does not allow us to identify these items and catalogue them appropriately.
  6. We would remind you that no wheels or tyres or gas bottles can be accepted for the sale.
  7. Any unsold lots left on the salefield will be subject to a clearance charge and this rule, whilst it has existed for some time, will be more rigorously enforced from now on.

We are grateful for your continued support of our sales. We are committed to continuing our auction work but are always looking for areas where we can improve and make the experience more enjoyable.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the auction team at the Paddock Wood office on 01892 832 325.