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Little Sheephurst Farm

Having established a reputation across the South-East as the foremost planning consultant when it comes to converting agricultural buildings into houses, Bloomfields is also beginning to utilise similar legislative provisions which permit the conversion of B8 storage buildings into residential dwellings.

Our client has spent years previously trying to establish a residential use on this site, and approached Bloomfields for a review of the planning history to explore whether there was any way in which the previous refusals and appeals could be overcome. It was identified that there was potential to convert one of the existing buildings from an established storage use to a dwelling following the significant changes to legislation this year. We were able to present the case that the contents of previous representations made on behalf of our client should not impact the provisions of the new rules. We put it forward that the existing storage use of the building was lawful, submitting statutory declarations on behalf of the owner and neighbours.

The building has now been approved for conversion into a residential dwelling providing an attractive investment opportunity for a developer seeking a site with residential use already approved in principle.