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Rural team help Basic Payment Scheme applicants to success

The introduction of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) across England this year created a complete state of confusion and failure for DEFRA and the RPA.  At Lambert & Foster, our team of rural professionals are fully up to date with every change of the new scheme and everything that was required to be done ahead of the various deadlines. Having been left hanging on for months on end, the application window culminated in a last minute abandonment of the RPA’s £154million website and a reversion to submitting newly published paper forms.
The shortened application window this year meant that we had to squeeze in a record number of new clients into a reduced time period but we were able to ensure that our hundreds of BPS claimant clients made the deadline and met the scheme rules.  Attention to detail has never been more important when claiming subsidy money, and the slightest mistake can lead to significant penalties being applied. 

Looking over the horizon to the 2016 claim year, we do not foresee it being any easier, although hopefully many farmers will be thinking much more carefully about their cropping and ecological focus area requirements ahead of autumn planting. Further announcements are coming out regularly for next years claim and knowing what impact these changes might have on your business or farm planning is crucial.