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Summer Grazing Rights 2017


Last date for offers Wednesday 1st March 2017

The 67th sale of Summer Grazing is upon us and challenges and changes are  forced upon us by those powers that be, namely DEFRA and RPA. This was the opening line last year. Nothing has changed!

The greatest challenge facing landowners, farmers and graziers is still the new Basic Payment Scheme which can now be dealt with online and by post.  We of course are uniquely placed to assist you with this even if you do not have a computer but we will try to deal with this online if at all possible.

As a grazier who occupies the land you will not be able to claim on any land you occupy as a licensee.  However, you are bound by ALL the Rules of Cross Compliance.  A grazier’s action can have a significant impact on a farmer’s or landowners annual BPS claim.

This sale of Summer Grazing Rights here in East Sussex is one of the oldest known such sales.  There are, we believe, similar sales still held in the West Country and North of England but it is a tradition which is fast dying out. Regulation and red tape is usually cited as the reason for the demise of these sales. Nevertheless, it is our intention to keep tradition alive even if some authorities seem hell bent on doing otherwise.

We look forward to dealing with you for your summer grazing requirements and indeed any other matter in 2017.