Site Development & Promotion

The delivery of development land to developers can be a long arduous route.  That being said there has never been a period in recent planning history when the call for development land has been so high.

We have considerable experience in several facets of the land delivery exercise.

  • The planning element is without doubt the most complex. It is a very precise process in theory bringing forward land to meet local need and the Council’s requirements. When the influence of politics is introduced it can make the exercise extremely imprecise and uncertain, but we have the expertise to promote and bring forward development land for sites throughout the south east.  This involves much work sensitively monitoring local opinion relative to the precise needs of the Council and at the same time measuring the criteria on which developments are being released.
  • The other phase of delivering development land involves working with the developer.  As the cost of this exercise is not inconsiderable, many clients prefer us to work with a developer on their behalf.  There are a range of methods of doing this from Promotion Agreements through to Options and Conditional Contracts.

The working relationship between Bloomfields and Lambert & Foster has flourished in this area where planning expertise melds with the agency experience and dealing with the major and local development companies.

The experience and expertise we have in disciplines of planning and agency put us in a unique position to guide clients through this complex exercise that is Site Promotion and Development.