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R and SD

This is to record personal thanks from my wife and myself for the professional manner in which you conducted all aspects of the sale of our property. It was a pleasure to work with you and you have shown a most courteous attitude and efficient business manner. Our working life has centred on the provision of service and seldom do we find the same level of concern and professionalism your staff exercise as a matter of course.

E & VP
We had a small farm to sell with more than one dwelling and requiring division of the land between the dwellings. This meant new boundaries, the need for detailed plans, reorganisation of services and new planning permissions. Lambert and Foster's experience of agricultural holdings, technical skills in their drawing office and ability to handle planning applications were all essential for the successful sale of all of the lots. Just as important, they had the enthusiasm and tenacity to cope with problems that inevitably arose along the way. We are indeed very grateful to them.
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